My Travel History

As a Filipino traveler or should I say as a Kpop Fan (BTS FAN), you might ask where I’ve been. I’ve been to Malaysia, South Korea (4x) and Hongkong. (starting palang po) But please don’t judge me why I’m there and why did I visit the country hahaha.

My first trip was in Malaysia June 2015 for BTS THE RED BULLET TOUR (, yes this was my first trip abroad with my ARMY(fandom name for BTS) friends and this was the first time i meet them in person, we only talked on twitter and KKT then we decided to attend the concert ^_^. (mga bes ko padin sila).

After Malaysia, I already booked my flight to Korea same month same year 1 week after my Malaysia adventure, to attend BTS FANMEETING but unfortunately i decided not to go because of the Mers virus spreading that time. So, my visa expired yes congratulations.

Then, my next trip HONGKONG wohoooo….when you said Hongkong first thing on your mind was Ocean park and Hongkong Disneyland but nope I travelled for another BTS THE RED BULLET TOUR in Hongkong hahaha but then the next day we went to Ocean Park.

Of course last but not the least my Seoul Searching, South Korea. I applied for my Visa again and approved for Single entry only. My first visit was November 2015 for BTS on STAGE LIVE, 2nd Visit January 2016 winter for BTS MUSTER 2 FANMEETING, 3rd visit was May 2016 for BTS EPILOGUE and last visit was November 2016 Autumn for BTS MUSTER 3 FANMEETING.

Next trip……Thailand this April 2017 ( For BTS and tour with my Friend), November for Seoul Searching again take note not BTS related but will see if the have schedule there and December Malaysia with my cousins.

I will post all the details of my travel soon….


3 thoughts on “My Travel History

  1. Wow, you love Korea so much!! I also fell in love with the place when we visited it last year.. I am actually thinking of going again because I feel that we haven’t seen a lot of the places even though we spent 5 days there. Hope to read more about your Seoul Searching soon..

    xoxo, Maria Ingrid |

    1. Yes, i don’t know why, feel at home ako doon.. but I haven’t seen a lot of places too, I visited Seoul with my friends just to watched concert or fanmeeting then less gala, but next time we’ll explore Seoul soon and planning to tour Kdrama filming site sana, Thank you..

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